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About Us

About Alambika



Luxury Redefined

Alambika has redefined luxury with our 100% pure and certified organic line of essential oil and skin care products. Our impeccably curated collection contains the most sought after and beneficial ingredients available, offering nature's own wisdom to guide in nourishing the body, the senses, and the soul.


Alambika’s unique, certified organic essential oils, hydrolates, massage oils and skin care products are redolent with the delight and joy that can only be found in nature. Our products not only promote wellbeing and enhance beauty, they offer as much care to the inner self as the outer. Our goal is to help you radiate wellness, so that you may shine in your full beauty.



Alambika & the Art of Alchemy

At Alambika, we have dedicated ourselves wholly to the pursuit of excellence in Alchemy, and now wish to share the results of our craft. We hope that you enjoy our 100% pure and certified organic essential oil and skin care line as much as we do!


Our products are the result of countless years of study, meditation, and devotion. Throughout history, our predecessors chose to open their hearts and minds to the limitless wisdom that could be found deep within nature. They surrendered to the idea that power and knowledge is held in the essence of each plant, each flower, and each fruit. Dedicating their lives to the pursuit of this truth, they traveled the globe, seeking to explore and divine nature's precious store of boundless energy. We are humbled to follow in the footsteps of these wise men and women, and honored to share Alambika with you!