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Dr. Hozzel

Dr. Malte Hozzel



Years of Dedication

Founded by world-renowned aromatherapist, essential oil specialist and educator Dr. Malte Hozzel, the Alambika brand has redefined luxury with its line of 100% pure and certified organic essential oils and its impeccably sourced, perfectly crafted natural skin care.


Dr. Hozzel first studied essential oils in the 1970's, immersing himself in the works of prominent experts, and incorporating the use of the oils into his daily life. As his experience grew, Dr. Hozzel realized that the quality and variety of the essential oils that were currently available left much to be desired. He felt the need to discover the highest quality essential oils, and to then source those oils from the most pristine growing locations. Over the years, Dr. Hozzel has established close relationships with expert growers and distillers all over the world.


Dr. Hozzel knew that the result of providing superior essential oils and creating a range of products could expand the field of aromatherapy, and allow pure and beneficial essential oils to become accessible to many more people. He felt that essential oils would have a positive impact on people’s lives. "Most important for me is a good relationship with Mother Nature," states Dr. Hozzel. "This means being able to connect with nature, to graciously receive nature's gifts, and to share them with others."


Alambika is honored to present our 100% pure and certified organic essential oils, hydrolates, and skin care. Experience the delight and joy that can only be found in nature!