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The Alambika Philosophy



Simply Pure

Alambika’s 100% pure and certified organic line of essential oils and natural skin care products are not only impeccably sourced and crafted, we also pay the utmost attention to providing the best possible means for handling, packaging, and storing our exceptional products.


The Alambika philosophy is governed by the criteria of purity, simplicity, naturalness, and joy. We feel that when we are embraced by the gifts that only nature can provide, we are in alignment with the grace and delight of living well.


Each and every ingredient in Alambika’s premier product line has been flawlessly researched and resourced to meet our exceptional standards. Our suppliers provide us with plants and essential oils that are either wild grown or certified organic. They come to us directly from their origin from around the world and do not pass through any other hands. Many of our ingredients are from rare subspecies and carefully selected varieties of medicinal plants.


Alambika places a high premium on the manner in which our essential oils are processed, stored, and handled. We are proud to offer an extensive selection of 100% pure and certified organic essential oils and absolutes, as well as numerous synergy blends, hydrolates, and skin care products.


Alambika has never tested any of our ingredients or products on animals, and maintains this as a strict principle in our company’s philosophy.



Honoring Nature

Giving Back

At Alambika, we are aware that the success of our products comes from the energy, strength, and amazing gifts of Mother Nature. We are not unique in this discovery, but we play an active role in ensuring that our entire operation, from small farmer to distributor, takes great care in maintaining the quality and integrity of caring for Mother Nature and the ingredients that we use for our products.


We are also mindful to do our part to honor nature and to give back as much as we can. As Alambika has prospered, our founder, world-renowned aromatherapist, Dr. Malte Hozzel has supported many charitable organizations worldwide, particularly those that care for underprivileged children, and that promote peace and progress in developing nations.


Alambika itself has been founded with the specific goal of creating a support base for worldwide projects, such as those sponsored by Partners for World Peace. It is our aim to help spread harmony in the world, to inspire governments to take proper care of nature, and to support sustainable growth for future generations.


“A good relationship with Mother Nature is what is most important to me. Let me say, it’s being able to connect with nature, to want to receive Nature's gifts, and to want to share them with others. This is done with a deep feeling of gratitude. I think the spiritual aspect of life is the level that plants connect best with humans, and from where plants really "exhale" their power, their energy, and their healing abilities. So, if we try to live and act from there, the energy field between man and plant does the rest. We want to share this with as many people as possible. We love to inspire knowledge and enthusiasm for an energy medicine in a new era of deeper plant awareness and self-healing. In their expression of the highest intelligence of Nature the medicinal and aromatic plants will help us to rise in strength, to recreate health - if it is lost - and to make our lives, individually and collectively, more comfortable and more in tune with the heartbeat of the universe.” Dr. Malte Hozzel