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Pure in Process

Alambika, 100% Pure & Certified Organic



The Care and Handling of Our Essential Oils

At Alambika, we respect, honor, and take great care in handling our exceptional essential oils in order to preserve their complexity and what we recognize to be their innate life-energy.


Our process begins with our facility, which is located in a small village in southern Germany, and surrounded by fields and open space. The buildings were constructed in the traditional architectural style of Vastu Shastra, an ancient science of India that integrates architecture with nature. The openness of our natural setting and the exposure to sunlight has been enhanced and optimized. (Vastu Shastra literally translates to “science of architecture,” and is similar to the Chinese technique of Feng Shui.)


The layout and functions of our facility are designed for the respectful and gentle handling of the essential oils. The buildings are mostly made from pine and larch woods, which provide a warm and inviting atmosphere. Emphasis has been placed on incorporating large windows and high ceilings to create an ambience of openness and wellbeing. We use low-intensity equipment (low electro-magnetic output) for handling, blending, and bottling our essential oils. Special music is played for much of the day to create positive energy and specific resonances for the molecular structure of the oils. (Anyone familiar with Emoto’s work “Messages From Water” on how music, emotion, and thought effect water molecules will recognize the benefits of this practice). Our carefully selected staff has put the utmost emphasis on harmony and mutuality so that negative feelings and emotions are not brought into the facility.


Due to our special care and handling, Alambika offers essential oils that retain their natural vitality and life-energy, as nature intended. We recognize, after many years of experience, that there is a genuine benefit to taking these extra measures, and we are proud to produce incomparable essential oils for our customers.



Extracting Essential Oils from Plants

A high-quality essential oil begins with a healthy, vital, aromatic plant. Alambika uses only plants that have been organically and properly grown and harvested at the correct time. 


Essential oils are obtained from the plants by extraction. Some commonly known methods of extraction include “steam” or “water distillation” and “cold pressing”. The specific type of extraction that is used is one of the key factors that will determine a high-quality essential oil.


Most of Alambika’s essential oils are extracted by “steam distillation”. A complex process and a fine art in and of itself, the method requires the use of specific equipment, techniques, and a high level of expertise. Alambika distills the plant material slowly and with low heat to ensure a more complete, natural extraction. The results are essential oils that have rich, complex aromas and comprehensive beneficial properties. Many typical commercial processes use high heat for fast, high-volume results. Subsequently, certain vital and delicate constituents are destroyed, which result in a lower quality oil.


Alambika’s citrus oils, in general, are not steam distilled, but are cold pressed. This process protects the delicate citrus peel from the effects of heat which otherwise would result in an aroma and level of beneficial properties that is not optimal.


For certain delicate flowers or specific medicinal plants steam distillation or cold pressing cannot be used. For these, a different form of extraction is necessary, which result in a product known as an “absolute.” In this method, a non-toxic solvent is used, maintaining specific processes and parameters. When the extraction is finished, all solvents are cleanly removed and are not re-used. For those plants that require this method of extraction, Alambika’s absolutes are state of the art and allow certain essential oils to be offered that would otherwise remain unavailable.