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Q&A With Joni Keim

Alambika USA has redefined luxury in wellness with our 100% pure & certified organic therapeutic essential oil and natural skin care products. Founded in 1990 by world-renowned aromatherapist Dr. Malte Hozzel, our premiere line of essential oils, hydrolates, balms, and lotions draw upon traditional European techniques to ensure their pure extraction and processing.

Joni Keim is an essential oil specialist and the author of four aromatherapy books, most recently, Practical Aromatherapy for Self-Care. Joni has worked in the alternative health field for over twenty-five years as an educator, author, practitioner, and consultant. She is certified in aromatherapy, holistic health sciences, and aesthetics.

“I am thrilled that Alambika has come to America from Europe,” states Joni. “This remarkable line of therapeutic essential oils and natural skin care products is such a welcome addition to the health and wellness field. Alambika offers so many new possibilities for self-care. ”