Hydrolates, commonly known as hydrosols,contain a small quantity of essential oil and other water-soluble agents from plants. They are the by-product of the process of steam distillation when essential oils are made. In this process, the herbs and flowers are distilled with spring water. It is heated through streaming that captures all the essential oils with small amount of aromatic compounds that dissolves in water.Once the essential oils separate and float on the surface of the water, the Hydrolates are left behind.

What are Hydrolates for?

These floral waters are an effective alternative to their skin care oilier equivalents. Ideally for cleaning, calming or refreshing your skin without harming your skin hydrolates serve as a tonic or soothing lotion after you remove your make-up. Consider leaving your vaporized hydrosol’s mist for a few minutes on your bare skin or mixing your Hydrolates to your skin cream or treatment to strengthen its properties and fully reap its benefits.

You can also use hydrosols in your food. They have wonderful and diverse flavours for culinary and beverage flavouring purposes and have a good reputation for their therapeutic claims when digested. 

Oshadhi Hydrosols

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