Patchouli Essential Oil, Org

Patchouli Essential Oil, Org



Patchouli Organic, Pogostemon patchouli, has a very distinctive musky, exotic, warm and penetrating aroma, whose uplifting quality helps support the nervous system. It is an excellent anti-bacterial oil, and it is used in skin care. Patchouli Organic is a pure therapeutic quality certified organic aromatherapy essential oil from Indonesia, obtained from the whole plant.

Name: Patchouli Organic

Botanical name: Pogostemon patchouli

Cultivation: Cert org

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Certification: Eco-control (from certified organic raw material)

Country of origin: Indonesia

Part of Plant: Plant

Fragrance note: Middle/Base

Contraindications: Non toxic, non irritant, possible sensitisation in some individuals.

Major biochemical compounds: Patchouli alcohol (Patchoulol), delta-Guaiene, alpha-Guaiene, alpha-Patchoulene