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Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Essential Oils and Certified Organic Skin Care Products

At Alambika, we’re happy to provide you with the world’s finest 100% pure, certified organic & wildcrafted essential oils and certified organic skin care products. Our wide selection of organic products are sure to be the perfect complement for your natural lifestyle; And with our strong commitment to purity, safety and quality, you’ll know you can use our wildcrafted essential oils and organic skin care products with confidence.

We believe that natural is better when it comes to the products we put on our bodies. Nature already provides what we need to maintain our health and beauty – why take the risk of exposing yourself to products with mysterious ingredients that you can’t pronounce? Although many products containing synthetic ingredients can provide beneficial short term effects, they have become linked to health concerns when used in the long term. Meanwhile, our certified organic essential oils safely enrich and improve wellbeing, while our beauty products will help renew your skin (and lift your spirits)!

Alambika sets a new standard for wellness and luxury, from harmonious and sustainable production and product development to impeccable customer service. We look forward to nourishing, enriching, and awakening people’s lives. For the best organic cosmetics and essential oils with a touch of nature, browse our selection.